Do you want civil marriage in Trondheim?

Do you want civil marriage in Trondheim?

Since 2018, Trondheim Municipality has been responsible for civil marriage. The wedding ceremonies take place at Trondheim City Hall at Munkegata 1, on Fridays and some Saturdays (please see the calendar below).

Please meet 15 minutes before the wedding ceremony. Contact the front desk when you arrive. Our ceremony host will meet you 2nd floor.

In the ceremony room there are 16 seats, and room for a few standing guests. Let us know the number of guests.


The Norwegian Tax Administration must check whether you meet the conditions for entering into marriage. This means that you have to provide required information when applying for a wedding certificate . The process takes about two to three weeks, so please make sure you allow plenty of time before the wedding. Those who apply digitally will receive the wedding certificate in Altinn.

Please read and follow steps 1-3 in this tutorial. The wedding certificate is valid for 4 months from the date of issue. Original certificate must be delivered or sent to The Mayor's Office in Trondheim municipality within 14 days ahead of the wedding.

The digital wedding certificate can be forwarded to

Postal address (The Mayor's Office)

Trondheim kommune, Ordførerkontoret
Postboks 2300 Torgarden
7004 Trondheim

Visiting address

Trondheim rådhus (City Hall)
Munkegata 1, The Mayor's Office


Civil marriage ceremonies take place on Fridays, primarily between 11am and 2.15pm, and also on the occasional Saturday between 11am and 2.15pm. There is a 15 minutes time slot for each wedding ceremony.

Please check the calendar below to find available time for your ceremony. To make the appointment, please contact us on the following email:

(The calendar is in Norwegian. "Ledig" means available.)

Open calendar to check availability


The civil marriage ceremony is free of charge.

Ceremonial procedures

20 people are allowed in a wedding at City Hall (including bridal couple and witnesses). Please let us know the number of guests.

The bridal couple must present valid identification with a photo. Without a valid identification, the wedding cannot be performed. You also have to bring two witnesses for the ceremony, which can be best man/ woman, or any two persons aged 18 or above.

Please let us know in advance whether you want the ceremony to be conducted in Norwegian or English. For any other languages, please provide yourself with a qualified interpreter, and inform us of the language in advance.

It is possible to put a personal touch on the wedding within the time frame we have available. It can be, for example, a poem, a piece of music or a wedding vow. Please inform us in advance by email or phone if this is desired.

Photography and filming are allowed during the ceremony. Otherwise, we can recommend wedding photography under the new portal in the park behind the town hall.

This video (below) shows a normal wedding ceremonial procedure (in Norwegian language).

Still have questions?

If you have questions regarding the ceremony, contact us on email: or by phone: (+47) 72 54 61 14.

If you have questions regarding the marriage certificate or other documentation, please contact the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Please do not throw rice a.s.o. inside or outside City Hall.

Municipal Wedding Officials in Trondheim from 01.01.2020 - 01.01.2024

Last update: 24.08.2022